woman at an addiction treatment therapy programOne of the founding principles of our treatment programs at Tranquil Palms is that no two clients are the same. Women who come to our addiction treatment center in California have gone through unique experiences, and the treatment programs we offer address each client’s individual needs. One of the ways that we ensure that every client receives personalized care is by offering a wide range of therapies.

In our rehab programs, clients begin to break down the underlying causes of addiction as they rebuild their lives. Our goal is to give every woman in our care the tools she needs for lasting recovery. Healthy coping skills can be developed through addiction treatment therapy programs.

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Addiction Treatment Therapies

Women in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction at an alcohol addiction treatment program can face unique challenges. At Tranquil Palms, we take the individual needs of each of our clients into account. Our treatment plans incorporate a number of therapies, from group therapy centered around the 12 steps to individual cognitive-behavioral therapy sessions.

Some of the therapies we offer include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – This evidence-based therapy helps individuals reframe their thought processes and learn how to cope with negative emotions
  • Exercise therapy – Addiction can impact physical health, and exercise can be a useful outlet for stress
  • Family therapy – Women and their families can rebuild trust with the help of an experienced therapist
  • Group therapy – Our clients build strong networks of support through group sessions with women who have gone through similar experiences
  • Individual therapy – We help women work through the underlying causes of addiction in one-on-one sessions

One of the primary types of therapy that we offer is behavioral therapy. This approach to therapy involves changing patterns of behavior, such as using drugs and alcohol, by examining the causes of that behavior. During behavioral therapy, clients develop healthy coping skills and learn how to build new routines.

Spirituality in Recovery

At Tranquil Palms, we believe that spirituality is an essential part of recovery from addiction. In our rehab programs, we encourage our clients to embrace spirituality, regardless of their religious beliefs. However, we’ll never push religion or spirituality on a client. The 12 steps involve reliance on and acknowledgment of a higher power, but this higher power doesn’t have to take the form of a religious deity.

Our Rehab Program in California

Tranquil Palms is proud to offer a boutique rehab experience. This means that every aspect of your time in our drug addiction treatment center will be tailored to your unique needs. Small group sizes ensure that every woman in our center receives personalized attention and can build strong friendships with other women who have gone through similar struggles.

Additionally, we believe that a women-only treatment center is the best environment for women to heal. In a co-ed environment, it can be difficult for women to discuss experiences like sexual or physical abuse at the hands of a partner. It can also be easier for women to open up about challenges in their marriages, in motherhood, or in their careers when in group settings with other women.

We want to remove any roadblocks on the journey to recovery. Offering a number of addiction treatment therapy programs as well as a safe, peaceful environment is how we help women take back their lives.

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