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Who We Are

About Tranquil Palms

Our recovery center for mature women in Palm Desert, CA offers a peaceful place for you to heal. Through trauma-focused care and options for extended stays, you’ll begin to rebuild your life in a safe, supportive environment.

Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

Our treatment center was designed specifically to meet the needs of women who are struggling with alcohol, drug use, or past trauma. At our drug addiction treatment center, you’ll find experienced professionals who will help you work through the underlying causes of addiction. Our safe, structured environment in Palm Desert is the ideal environment for you to focus on recovering away from the stresses of everyday life.

Alcohol Addiction
Treatment Program

If you’ve found that you’re drinking more than you used to or that alcohol has negatively impacted your life, our treatment program can help. Meaningful sobriety is possible with help from our therapists and counselors.

Drug Addiction
Treatment Program

For those struggling with an addiction to opioids or other prescription medications, we offer a targeted treatment program that incorporates group and individual therapy in a peaceful, supportive environment.

Helping To Overcome

Addiction Treatment
Therapy Programs

We help women overcome substance abuse issues through trauma-focused care. During individual addiction treatment therapy programs, our clients work through the underlying causes of addiction, and in group sessions, we utilize the 12-step philosophy to promote lasting recovery.

Beautiful Resort

Our Facility

Located in beautiful Palm Desert, just two hours from Los Angeles, our resort-style facility offers a host of amenities.


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