woman in a recovery center in californiaTranquil Palms exists to provide personalized addiction treatment for mature women. We offer a peaceful, intimate setting where you’ll meet others who have gone through similar experiences. Through trauma-informed care, we’ll help you heal from the underlying causes of substance abuse issues so that you can find the path to lasting recovery.

In our women’s addiction treatment center, we offer a range of program options. We offer intensive outpatient care, extended care, and aftercare programs to set you up for success in recovery.

Discover the difference that time in our supportive center can make. Away from the stresses of the outside world, you’ll be able to rebuild your life. Learn more about program availability, insurance verification, and more by contacting Tranquil Palms today at 800.277.3105.

About Tranquil Palms

Tranquil Palms was founded to give mature women a safe place for addiction treatment. It can be challenging to find a program that suits your unique needs, and here, we understand that trying to find the right fit can be anxiety-inducing. Our program is geared specifically for women with life experience who might have gone through any of the following:

  • Marital issues
  • Career stress
  • Substance abuse
  • Grief and loss
  • Mental health issues

We seek to provide a place for women to recover. And because our facility is women-only, you’ll be surrounded by others who have gone through similar experiences and who will provide encouragement and support.

We also understand the importance of spirituality in recovery. Addiction can impact every aspect of your life, negatively affecting your physical, spiritual, and mental health. At Tranquil Palms, we know the difference between spirituality and religion. A spiritual person believes in something greater than themselves, and this can make all the difference in addiction recovery at a drug addiction treatment program or alcohol addiction treatment program. We are proud to incorporate faith and spirituality in our addiction treatment programs, but we don’t force religion on anyone. We welcome women from all backgrounds and provide support every step of the way. No matter what you believe, having faith and engaging in spirituality can help you recover.

Focused Care

Many women who are in treatment for substance abuse have at some point experienced some form of trauma. This could include emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. At Tranquil Palms, our clinical staff understands the unique role that trauma can play in addiction. Our goal in treatment is to address any underlying PTSD or trauma that may have occurred. Here at Tranquil Palms, we have created a healing place for women to safely and openly work on themselves while overcoming the negative impact of traumatic experiences from their past.

We believe in creating a safe and structured environment to help you transition back to the real world. Our goal is to make sure each woman has enough time to get back on their feet, which is why we offer up to 90 days of intensive outpatient and longer-term options for aftercare. This gives our clients time to continue building routines, learning hobbies, and benefiting from addiction treatment therapy programs. The more structure and accountability there is, the better your chances of long-term recovery. We offer long term care to set you up for success and ensure that you are ready to re-enter society.

Contact Tranquil Palms Today

Reach out to our recovery center in Palm Desert, CA to learn more about our programs and how we can help you or a loved one recover. If addiction or traumatic experiences have impacted your life, Tranquil Palms can help. Our team of experienced professionals provides trauma-focused care in a peaceful setting, and you’ll find encouragement and support at every turn.

Contact us today at 800.277.3105 to speak with a member of our team and learn more.

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License Number: 330166AP, Expiration Date: 3/31/2025

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